So.... what is it that you guys do?

The South Florida Ghostbusters is a group of dedicated fans who dress up in full gear to attract attention to raise money for different charities. 

Where do you get those wonderful toys (our packs)?

Most of Ghostbusters build their own proton packs. We collect the parts from all over the world and put them together.  There are plans online to help build the packs. Some Ghostbusters get creative and make themed packs and some stick to the movie packs. 

They typically run anywhere from $200 - $4,000

Is that a jet pack?


Are those (packs) heavy?

Yes! Some of our packs weigh 35lbs.

Which organizations do you raise money for?


The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

American Cancer Society


In the past we have helped:

Michael J. Fox Foundation

Pit Bull Happenings Rescue


Stars of Hope:

Alzheimer's Association
American Heart Association
American Red Cross
Boys & Girls Clubs of America
ChildHelp USA
Jimmy Fund
Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
Make-A-Wish Foundation
March of Dimes
Multiple Sclerosis Society
National Kidney Foundation
Salvation Army
St. Jude Children’s Hospital
United Way
Variety – The Children's Charity
Will Rogers Foundation

What are you supposed to be?

A GHOSTBUSTER! And when kids ask us that, we think its bad parenting... and thats on you! Educate your children.

How can I join your team?

Email us. SouthFLGhostbusters@gmail.com


We are in the Tampa Bay area so all the work we do is around here. We are located in NORTH Tampa but go most of our work over in Clearwater. There are groups of Ghostbusters that work together such as The Suncoast Ghostbusters


We would love to grow a team over on this side of the bay and do more events here.  If you are interested in doing charity events and hanging out with a bunch of GB fans this might be perfect for you! We love building and being creative. We have a great time doing what we do! 




How do you build a proton pack?

A lot of TIME and MONEY. 

Plans can be found on GBfans.com


We HIGHLY suggest Ghostbusters Equipment Manufacturing 

for part if you want the best of the best!  He does AMAZING work! 




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